Greatest thing that happened in last 1000 years was the printing press.

Well… that was true until the internet came around. If you still do not agree with us give it a year or two :). Internet has probably changed your life, or at least some aspect of it. It has definitely changed the way your audience is looking for you online. Word of mouth still works, but much of it is now happening over the internet.

So the goal from the beginning was to help people build bigger/better audiences online, specifically for local businesses and non profits. We know you do great work, our job is to make sure your audience finds you and the awesome work you do!

Fun Fact: Our oldest client has been with us 9 years. We are with you for long-haul.

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Vadim Mialik

Vadim Mialik

I believe God placed me in the heart of the social media and web search capital of the world, the SF Bay Area, for a reason. I am leveraging technology to advance the good news to the world. It’s time to change the ‘breaking-bad-news” to great news.

Vadim began his career working in the Silicon Valley with several Unix/Linux platform companies, exposing himself to front-end software and back-end hardware web networking strategies. He currently follows his passion in web technologies and search engine optimization, with SEO Socially.

Education: UC Berkeley, Center of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Leadership Certificate
UC Berkeley, BA Economics, focus in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Social Enterprise

Bonus Fact: Vadim minored in Global Poverty and Practice, cant wait to pivot and take some of this amazing technology to the developing nations.

  • Management
  • Optimization
  • Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Web Standards
Ilona Mialik

Ilona Mialik

Account Manager
Interested in natural healing services, Ilona has a desire to see small business owners become successful in their ambitions. She believes the growth of small businesses is key to improving the lives of everyday citizens.
  • Account Management
  • Maintenance
  • Web Optimization
  • Web Security

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